Implemented cost controls in the various real estate operations, streamlined accounting and administrative functions and dramatically reduced overhead costs. Provide executive oversight of projects and drive change by implementing process improvement initiatives to facilitate company growth. Supervised all accounting and administrative functions of this seven office bank. Participate and present in Board meetings and executive strategic planning sessions. Prepared executive management production and due diligent reports. Manage internal audit processes to ensure compliance with State and Federal laws as well as Senior Lender requirements. Managed all operational processes by organizing time reporting, meeting and travel arrangements, and expense voucher preparation and submission. Coordinated activities with legal counsel concerning delinquent accounts, loan charge-offs, litigation, real estate transactions, and regulatory examinations. Developed EnAqua's safety culture program, CRM compliance and Coordinator for EnAqua's Executive Board Meetings. Demonstrate communication and leadership abilities by effectively counseling management on key issues involving the development and implementation of business strategies. Led the daily operations of a leading international company in the modeling, acting, and personal development training industry. Generated bonus plans (based on EBITDA, sales, margins) for non-manufacturing personnel. Manage payroll and benefit administration. Streamlined administrative functions such as accounting and payroll resulting in cost savings to the company of $50,000 annually. A vice president's role starts with the fundamental job responsibilities of a manager. Managed compliant environmental clean-ups and mitigation from identification in phase one/two reports through clearance on numerous sites. Forged and nurtured client relationships, as well as acting as liaison to vendors, and subcontractors. Spearheaded annual budgeting and planning cycle increasing participation by all members of executive team. Work with investment bankers to develop valuation of potential product and business acquisitions. In any case, the person designated senior VP is second in command to the president. Prepared interest rate sensitivity analysis, earnings at risk, economic value of equity and presented them to ALCO. Developed and reported financial statements to executive committee and board of directors. Advised the Surgeon General on changes in technical, legal and regulatory arenas affecting information assurance, security and risk management. Senior Vice President responsibilities and requirements may vary among different companies or departments. By the end of this course, you will be able to: - Direct and manage project work by preparing proactively for changes that lead to adjusting and re-planning your projects to success. Lead, guide, direct, and evaluate the work of other executive leaders, including assistant vice presidents, senior directors, and managers. Worked with the members of the Executive Committee in developing annual financial budgets that support operating plans. Reported to the president; managed distribution facility as well as accounting and administrative functions. Accelerated revenue growth by developing comprehensive cultivation strategies. Conducted annual chapter internal audit; managing evidence collection from 7 internal positions. Establish pricing structure and proforma results for all RFP responses, public bids and contract renewals. Identified need to change business model through market and technology trend analysis in 2007 providing early warning for sales decline. Lead unit initiatives, participates in planning and setting priorities, and drives strategic initiatives to ensure their success. Collaborated with executive board to plan and lead events, e.g. For example, 8.9% of Executive Vice President resumes contained Financial Statements as a skill. Re-organized and re-structured legal and compliance functions to more effectively partner with business units and better support international business development. Led strategic initiatives, brand workshops, and focus groups for major pharmaceutical, B2B, and consumer brands. Lead internal team and external consultants, collaborated cross-organizationally to identify potential synergies, and direct million dollar annual budget. Provided oversight and leadership on integration strategy related to systems and personnel to create a transparent customer experience. Created an aggressive business model for acquisitions and mergers and grew company from $1.5M to $40M in annual revenue. Analyze and evaluate real estate acquisitions including negotiation, financing and valuation of investment opportunities. Identified and brokered valuable partnerships; Sold and negotiated contracts and managed sub-contractor relationships; cultivated high levels of client satisfaction. Oversee business operations and construction activities of wind farm general contractor. Managed numerous public and private sector technology projects and contracts, performing information technology services and staff argumentation services. Served as strong team manager and mentor, with 50% of direct reports promoted or considered high-value talent. The vice president (VP) of an organization is generally the second or third in command, depending upon whether the president and the chief executive officer (CEO) have separate titles and roles. Directed the development of an enterprise-wide day-to-day operational system for all banking locations. Led project to organize the company into business units to optimize resources and sharpen strategic focus on managed services. Instituted rigorous internal processes, improved Executive Committee reporting, and provided strong top-down leadership focus. Performed all executive management functions while monitoring day-to-day operations. Performed payroll administration, benefits administration, book keeping, and tax administration. Established vision and direction for a culture of learning for all hourly, managerial and executive levels. Defined, developed and executed successful healthcare vertical market strategy. Cultivated and maintained client relationships, led the acquisition of new products and annual planning. Worked with the CEO and executive management team on legal, management, operations, and compliance matters. Testified before the GAO (General Accounting Office) in Washington, DC as an expert on home healthcare finance. Assisted executive team with private investor relationships/servicing as well as raising funds for our private equity lending division. Streamlined centralized reservation systems, improved financial performance, and out-sourced computer programs and equipment maintenance. Prepared and edited Association's human resources and technical publications. Managed department responsible for commercial, consumer, mortgage and real estate loan production in a diverse customer base. Developed a $25MM construction loan portfolio in less than a year at Bank South. Understanding the Chain of Command in Your Workplace, President Job Description: Salary, Skills, and More, Chief Operating Officer Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, CEO Job Description: Salary, Skills, & More, Senior Management-Level Jobs: The Skills You Need. Performed company due diligence on potential acquisitions and company sale. Develop, administer and analyze all financial management systems, finance and administration procedures, organizational budgets and business planning. Direct supervisor of four general managers and six facilities with combined annual sales of $250 million with 1,700 employees. Introduced continuous monitoring and auditing applications in conjunction with consolidation of ERP systems. Established new partnership with Catapult Marketing resulting in several top national brand companies as new clients. Created new roles and responsibilities for seven Stateside Capital staff members and new hires. Chaired ALCO, member Credit Risk Management Committee. Conducted research and offered counsel on publication circulation decisions as transitions from print to online advertising revenue were occurring. Reported to Board of Directors with responsibility for oversight of corporate risk management program. Directed Quality Control, Internal Audit, Regulatory Compliance, Risk Management, and Security functions. Obtained strong regulatory results and working relationship with applicable Federal and New York State regulatory agencies. Played key role in initiatives for developing new lending products and platforms. Implemented new accounting software for budgeting and financial management which led to improved cost accounting systems and cost controls. Directed outside counsel worldwide, and served as representative to national and international trade associations. Managed all financial, systems, HR and administrative functions. Project risk management seeks to preemptively manage positive and negative events that may affect a project so as to improve its chance of success. Directed all media, community, investor relations (IR), and communications staff in US and Italy. Managed payroll including all state and federal filing requirements. Lead advisor to US bank client for due diligence and purchasing of two financial institutions in Venezuela. Chair the ALCO committee and manage the overall ALCO process. HR professionals who aspire to the position of Senior VP of HR can obtain business knowledge and skills by enrolling in a Master’s Degree in Human Resources. Managed a successful RFP process that resulted in a 5% decrease in freight spend overall. Introduced ROI-accountability standards for account managers to achieve bottom-line improvements. Worked with cross functional resources to implement direct marketing programs, reaching a 10% customer base increase. Served on executive committee for Literacy Council in Winnebago county. Managed the Operational Risk Management Department of 3 individuals. Managed all company operations and administrative functions. Team Lead of a three technician team supporting the Johnson&Johnson Information Technology Services Building. Served as executive leader for the development and implementation of Information Technology solutions to optimize business performance. Played key role in decision-making that built a successful manufacturing facility in India. Developed and implemented organization structure and business processes for this innovative business model, drove documentation, platform design and implementation. Key role in acquiring and integrating plastic surgery practice management business. Serve as primary contact for key accounts, vendor contract and business term negotiations, and RFP responses and presentations. Reviewed property financial statements and performed budget development with responsibility for reporting variances to owners and lenders. Implemented strategic planning, program assessment and institutional effectiveness of the administrative departments. Utilize a budget of $5,000 to create events with consensus of the executive board. Prepared and counseled company executives on external engagement as it related to global outreach on public affairs and public policy issues. Tripled bottom-line growth by developing highly innovative sales, marketing, and business development strategy. Re-engineered central departments providing administration, accounting, information technology and customer services. Provided financial management expertise and analysis support to venture teams. Researched, screened, and strategically integrated various resources and partnerships to improve cost-benefit relationship and maximize client satisfaction. Averaged more than 5% compounded revenue growth while almost doubling revenue per FTE from 2004 to 2011. Formulate, develop and implement business development with sales growth strategies with distributors and other manufacturers. Worked with three other company business units to utilize Prairie State as platform for product launches to distribution channel. Directed sales, marketing, quality assurance, finance and administrative functions. Started sweeping floors in 1980 and grew to EVP role, responsible for the corporation's largest customers. Launched Customer loyalty and credit card programs generating an estimated $25 million in incremental, annual sales. Branded the FIS Ratings into the Federal Reserve, Treasury, Fannie Mae, and other Federal and State regulatory agencies. Interacted regularly and constructively with the regulatory agencies assigned to the Bank. Served as VP and on the Executive Board of Directors, previously served as Co-Chair of the Outreach Committee. The role of vice president is typically one of the least-defined jobs on the PTO executive board. Directed all daily operations in sales, product development, and marketing, sourcing, and budgeting. Innovated around effective use of low-cost contract attorneys for discreet projects and maximizing use of legal information technology solutions. Developed and implemented a centralized purchasing system which supports both the needs of Construction and Property Management. To be a successful Vice President, you should be innovative with strong leadership and managerial skills. Forged key client relationships to continually ensure high-level of satisfaction. Advised C-level executives at community banks and credit unions on strategic initiatives and the implementation and management of technology-based financial products.