Save changes. Here are more details from the coderunner site admin: I've now had four reports of this account confirmation problem in 3 days, and one of them was from a friend who got it while trying to register on, so it's not just my site having problems. The plugin provides the capability to setup the email-based self-registration with admin confirmation instead of user confirmation on your Moodle site. When the admin clicks on the confirmation link, a "welcome" email is sent to the user. The confirmation email is sent to the main admin account’s email address. This plugin allows individuals to register for your course, but then sends an email to the main administrator’s address for approval. Do not visit the link in the email. The confirmation email is sent to the main admin account's email address. Plugins; CONTRIB-4050; Code review request for email-based self-registration with admin confirmation Users can sign up to your site via the login page after the option has been enabled: Step 1 3- Go to: Site Administration --> Plugins --> Authentication --> Manage Authentication: 4- Enable "Email-based self-registration with admin configuration". For example, you can set it as Email-based self-registration, in this case the auth plugin that will handle the confirmation would be auth_email. In both these cases, the user can 'self help' themselves first. This could be implemented in one of two ways. Logged in your Moodle as an admin, go to admin/search.php and search for the setting registerauth. Click 'Create new account'. Enable 'Email-based self-registration'. 2- Login to Moodle with your admin account. Fill in the necessary fields and click 'Create my new account'. Test. 5- On the same page, below "Common settings", for "Self registration", select "Email-based self-registration with admin confirmation". Set 'Self registration' to 'Email-based self-registration'. make sure you received a confirmation email. When the admin clicks on the confirmation link, a … After the administrator reviews and approves, the student is given access to the course. By default, Moodle’s email-based self-registration is disabled. Email body is customizable within the language file. Get sure the setting has a value set other than Disable. Enter the Email-based self-registration with admin confirmation plugin. This auth plugin combines the best of both email based signup and self enrolment keys into a streamlined process making it much faster for students to get into a course. So this would require two additional settings to the self-based registration. before complaining to admin that they never got an email. Log out. Moodle Enrolment key based self-registration. From Moodle 1.9.1 onwards, spam protection may be added to the email-based self-registration new account form with a CAPTCHA element - a challenge-response test used to determine whether the user is human. Moodle 1.9. Click 'Log in'. A yes/no Require Admin Approval option and a send confirmation email to admin. Require a double confirmation or send the email confirmation notice to the system admin (or preferably a send confirmations to email address). If you’d like to allow your users to sign up to your site via email, you need to enable the option manually. moodle-auth_emailadmin ===== Moodle plugin to provide email self-registration with admin confirmation. In this tutorial, we will show you how to achieve this in 3 simple steps. Attempt to log in as the user.